Welcome to Our New FLEX Medical Student – Megan Chan


Megan Chan

Medical Student
About Megan: Megan is a medical student at the University of British Columbia with a previous background in Immunology and Genetics from the Integrated Sciences program at UBC. Originally from Calgary, Alberta, she hopes to practice evidence-based clinical care and be involved in innovative research in her future career. She is new to the fields of epidemiology and population health, and while working with the EMBARC group learned about clinical research, statistical methods, and some of the challenges faced by people living with HIV. Her personal interests include dancing, trying new recipes, and exploring neighbourhoods locally and around the world.

Megan’s FLEX project, completed as part of her first year of medical school, is a literature review on the effect of antiretroviral therapies on cardiovascular disease in people living with HIV. The long term effects of antiretroviral drugs and their interaction with aging-related diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, is becoming a more critical factor in the health of the aging population of people living with HIV. This review investigated evidence relating antiretroviral components to cardiovascular disease risk, and mechanisms that potentially explain these associations.