Our team is focused on improving the lives and well-being of people living with HIV in British Columbia through the application of advanced statistical, mathematical, and epidemiological methods.


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Our Research

We lead an innovative multidisciplinary program of research focused on exploring advanced statistical and mathematical methodologies and apply them to monitor the HIV epidemic in BC. Through this, we aim to create evidence that will inform health system improvements in the care of people living with HIV.

Education and Training

Affiliated with the University of British Columbia, our team actively participates to train the next generation of public health practitioners, researchers, and clinicians. We engage both masters and doctoral students in the Experimental Medicine program and undergraduate medical students through FLEX  and research electives.

Our Team

Led by Dr.Viviane Lima, an Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia with a unique skillset that bridges epidemiology and statistics, our team includes members from a myriad of specializations that reflect our multidisciplinary approach to HIV research. This includes statisticians, mathematicians, and epidemiologists.


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The EMBARC team is a constituent of the British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, Canada’s largest HIV/AIDS research, treatment and education facility‚ÄĒnationally and internationally recognized as an innovative world leader in combating HIV/AIDS and related diseases.



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